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Gnostyx Research Inc.

Starting in 2010, Gnostyx Research has pursued a range of parallel research undertakings with the intent of better understanding each subject area while at the same time exploring the interrelations and interactions between them. The subject areas of interest include the emergence and evolution of content technologies, the adoption of sound practices of management, governance and accountability, the rise and impact of artificial intelligence, the facilitation and management of digital transformation efforts, and the progressive understanding of how all of these elements can be made to interact constructively together to achieve sustainable, and desirable, outcomes.

Modes of Operation

Gnostyx pursues its research goals using a variety of means. These means include performing advisory client engagements, managing technology innovation projects, conducting academic research undertakings, participating in industry events, and pursuing publishing endeavours.


Broad Experience

Gnostyx is grounded in decades of practical experience managing organizations, development teams, intellectual property portfolios, and technology innovations, and collaborating with customers & partners all over the world.

Broad Knowledge

Gnostyx draws upon diverse knowledge disciplines including technology design, management practices, content management and publishing, and the study of literature, history, philosophy, and the social sciences as they bear upon the foregoing.

Broad Network

Gnostyx maintains active connections with leading technology providers, software developers, consultants, academics, standards bodies, and industry consortia, allowing it to draw upon the best knowledge & skills available in its domain.



Ability to gracefully adapt to changing environments while maximizing service availability


Ability to withstand immediate shocks and foundational shifts, and to build strength from adversity


Willingness to be clear with stakeholders and to adhere to all commitments made


Determination to minimize negative external impacts as well as internal waste while remaining operational


The drive towards maximizing the returns realized on investments of effort, time, knowledge, and hope


Ability to scale gracefully in the face of escalating demands and proliferating integration touchpoints


In support of its research agenda, Gnostyx embraces opportunities to help organizations:

  • Modernize publishing processes
  • Adopt content technologies
  • Implement content solutions
  • Enhance communication flows
  • Improve information discovery
  • Enable digital services
  • Transform legacy practices
  • Leverage existing technologies
  • Build inhouse capabilities
  • Guide technology acquisitions

Starting in 2010, Gnostyx has been extracting lessons learned from numerous service engagements, some short and intense, and some that have run over many years. These projects include enabling a range of government online services, publishing interactive health information, feeding content to automated chatbots and voice assistants, introducing smart work instuctions into lean manufacturing processes, acquiring industrial-grade content management platforms for global enterprises, and articulating architectural frameworks for integrating semantic technologies into content solutions.

Complementary lessons have been drawn from concurrent academic ventures including tailoring a research instrument for studying cultural dynamics within technology acquisition initiatives, supporting a major digital humanities project, developing a demonstration data set for an international open information standard, and experimenting with a virtual community platform for management education and development.


Highlighted below are some of the research projects that are currently underway. Some of these are being pursued as commercial engagements, some as academic collaborations, and some as publishing endeavours.

Content Technologies

Content 4.0: Establishing a framework for understanding the different states at which content and content technologies can operate, and for elevating content to the level of an enterprise asset.

Articulate Systems: Establishing a framework for the design, implementation, and management of systems so that they efficiently and effectively leverage articulated knowledge (knowledge that has been articulated in a way optimized for its management, utilization, and evolution).

OPA: Refine and apply a modelling technique (Object Process Actor - OPA) optimized for representing organizations, processes, and responsibilities, and well-suited to modelling content solutions.

Management Practices

Virtual Learning Communities: Experimenting with virtual community platforms, together with supporting text analytics software, to improve how organizations arrive at, sustain, and evolve organizational expressions of intent, and enriching how management education and development is conducted and made more impactful.

Management and Content: Studying how the practice of management is being positively impacted by the emergence of a new generation of AI-enabled digital content technologies.

Technology Acquisition: Reviving best practices in how organizations acquire new technologies, something that has been growing in importance just as key past lessons seem to have been forgotten.